Saturday, May 8, 2010

How Would They Qualify?

Niagara (9-5) 20-19
Fairfield (8-6) 24-20
Manhattan (9-7) 25-21-1

The above are places 3-4-5 in the MAAC standings as of right now. Only 2 of these teams will qualify for the MAAC Championship that begins Thursday the 13th at Canisius College.
Here are the scenarios for qualification:

Manhattan is done with MAAC play.
Niagara is at Marist Sunday.
Fairfield hosts Rider Sunday.

Niagara gets in with a win. If they get swept Sunday, they need for Fairfield to be swept.

Fairfield gets in with a sweep of Rider, or one win against Rider and two Niagara losses.

Manhattan gets in with a Fairfield loss. They can not qualify if Fairfield wins two regardless of what happens to Niagara.

This is with all tiebreaking scenarios figured in. In a 3 way tie, Manhattan and Fairfield get in.


Anonymous said...

Lena, I think you have way too much time on your hands! But I like the updates keep them coming.

Lena said...


Who wants to go outside today anyway?!

thomas said...

Lena: your stuff is great - but why would Manhattan at 9-7, assuming Niagara finishes 9-7 win the tie break over Niagara?(assuming farfield finishes 10-6)

thomas said...

if Niagara & Manhattan finish at 9-7 and Fairfield finishes 10-4, why would Manhattan win the tie break??

Lena said...

Thank you Thomas.

Niagara would win a 2 way tie break with Manhattan. First tiebreaker is head to head---they split. Second tiebreaker is record against top seeds. They both split with Canisius. Niagara split with Iona, Manhattan was swept. So Niagara wins that.

In 3 way tie, the tiebreaker is each team's combined record against the other two teams. It would be Fairfield 3-1; Manhattan 2-2; Niagara 1-3.

Lena said...

"Fairfield gets in with a sweep of Rider, or one win against Rider and two Niagara losses."
---If the 2nd part happens, that is 2 Niagara losses, Niagara would still be in.