Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fitting Tribute For South Portland Dad

You may have noticed this past season that the Niagara Softball team wore arm patches with the letters "JK". This was in tribute to Kristin Kill's father...

Kristin Kill just finished her senior year at Niagara University, where the softball team, like South Portland's, wore a "JK" patch on its uniform. She said it was difficult returning to the field this year because of the loss of her dad.

"It was hard to think how I was going to go back on the field and play and be successful at this game that I shared so much with him," she said. "But it was weird. I remember when I was younger he would hold the bat with me when I was learning how to hit. And it was like that, every single time I was in the field or at bat.

"I knew he was always there. I was kind of comforted by that. Sometimes it kind of spooked me and I'd tear up and I needed a moment, but my team was always there for me..."

Kristin completed a very successful career at Niagara by being named to the All-MAAC Second Team and the MAAC All-Tournament team.

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