Friday, January 28, 2011

2011 MAAC Preview---St. Peter's Peahens

2010 Record: 9th Place (2-36)
Departed Players: 4
Incoming Players: 4

Returning Players:
Vanessa Acosta (.227; 4 HR)
Ashley Brown (.217)
Stephanie Gilronan (.211)
Alexis Gallagher (.202; 18 SB)
Nicole Schnecker (.194; 2-16, 8.08 ERA)
Samantha Bennett (.191)
Amanda Rice (.176)
Jillian Picchini (.106)
Shelby Beaver (0-18; 9.15 ERA)
Jessica Hartland (.250; 0-1, 8.06)

Incoming Players:
Erica Colon
Kristen Kaneyuki
Aimee Schnecker
Michelle Tinajero

2010 was a difficult year for St. Peter's as their coach was dismissed during the season and they won only twice (winless in the MAAC). The Peahens begin 2011 with a new coach, Renae Bart. The former Rider assistant will have to rebuild the Peahens' program from scratch.

One of the bright spots of last season was the play of Vanessa Acosta. The sophomore knocked 4 homers her debut season, adding 3 doubles along the way. Sophomore Alexis Gallagher hit for only .202, but stole 18 bases in 19 attempts.

As you can see, pitching was a real problem for St. Peter's in 2010, a season in which they had no pitcher with an ERA under 8.00. That's not going to cut it in division 1 or any other division for that matter. The glimmer of hope for the Peahens though is that they just recently acquired a new pitcher. Erica Colon is a true freshman who spent a semester at Central Connecticut, but has just transferred to St. Peter's for the spring semester and is on the roster. Erica is a New Jersey native, perhaps she wanted to be closer to home. She was an outstanding high school pitcher at High Tech in Fairview, NJ where she was Hudson County Player Of The Year in 2010. Her senior season she was 21-5 with a stingy .019 ERA. She also hit .615 with 16 homers, 12 triples, 18 doubles and 53 RBIs. She led her school to a number of championships, and set the county record for career strikeouts (1,163). Erica just arrived at St. Peter's this month, but she will get the opportunity to start immediately in the circle and at the plate. It looks like St. Peter's got a lucky break on this one.

2011 will be a rebuilding year for St. Peter's, but an opportunity for Coach Bart to show what she can do.

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