Sunday, March 20, 2011

RE: Rebel Spring Games

My apology for the lack of coverage of the teams playing in the recent Rebel Spring Games. I usually monitor all the games in progress, but the media coverage out of the RSG was virtually non-existent. Even getting a simple score would take hours. That tournament concluded yesterday.


Carl said...

Lena, Sounds like the RST tournament needs to join the new age...instant internet info sharing! Maybe the next year's entries should demand this! In that vein, how do I get Siena's box scores and stats for 3 of their last 4 games? (Army seems to be able to take care of their own sharing. I can get their info off of their web site). I'm trying to put together a complete year's game stats for a Siena scrapbook. Tks, Carl Goodrich

Lena said...

Hi Carl,

It's like this every season with that tournament. Eventually, the box scores will materialize. In some cases it's taken days. I'm pretty sure the individual teams keep their own scores, but they are supposed to have official boxes, that's why the delay. I always dread the Rebel Games! It must be great to be down there, but I've seen better coverage for 14U tournaments.

Anyway, from this point onward, everything should be normal.

Lena said...

...but, if for some reason they are never published, you could always try contacting the Siena information director later on.

Lena said...

Siena has those box scores posted now.

Carl said...


Thanks for the reply and update.