Saturday, March 12, 2011

Stags Stage Comeback

Fairfield 4
Charleston Southern 2

Box Score

Fairfield scored 4 runs in the final 2 innings to complete a comeback that was capped off by Kimi Kurata's home run, and freshman Rebecca Trott (pictured) pitched a 4 hitter in her first appearance to give the Stags another win at the Wolfpack Challenge in Raleigh, NC Saturday.

Fairfield lost a load of seniors to graduation and were counting upon their freshmen to help fill the gaps, but they've been performing as difference makers. Today Rebecca Trott joined the fray, making her first ever college start. She pitched a very good game, allowing only 2 runs and keeping the Stags in the game until some more freshmen could step to the front. And they did. Down 2-0 in the 6th inning, speedy Tiffany Lawson led off with a bunt single. Freshman Lauren Liseth doubled to left to cut the CSU lead in half. After being moved to third on a Kristina Longo ground out, she took advantage of an error and sped home with the tying run. Freshman Kristen Filicia singled to open the 7th inning, and that's when freshman Kimi Kurata boomed a shot over the right field fence to give Fairfield the lead 4-2. Rebecca Trott retired CSU with little difficulty in the bottom of the 7th to win the game.

This freshman class, which hasn't even played a month yet, is most impressive. When one thinks of them growing up together, Fairfield looks to be a contender for years to come. The Stags continue tonight with a game against James Madison.


Anonymous said...

that picture shows the pitcher being 100% illegal. If umpires do not call her illegal then they have no right to call a gym step or stepping out of the pitcher lanes illegal. she is clearly at an advantage crow-hopping 3 feet in front of where she is supposed to push off and drag from.

Lena said...

It's also a photo from her travel ball days. I don't have a photo of her with Fairfield yet.

Anonymous said...

I don't see a pitching violation in this picture. Her drag foot is in contact with the ground. You can also see drag marks where she has dragged her shoe from the pitcher's mound to where her foot is on the ground. How can that be called a crow hop?