Sunday, March 27, 2011

Very Poor Coverage Today

Three of today's MAAC doubleheaders went black and never came back. A fourth had no coverage at all. I don't mean to single out Iona, but below is a screen shot of the last we heard of their game with Harvard:
This game ended 3 hours ago, and they haven't even posted a score yet. Not singling them out, all the MAAC schools (and others) have had very poor coverage. Let me ask you this: Do your men's basketball games ever get blacked out, with no access to scores for hours? This little blog has had almost 6000 visits this month, there is interest in the sport of softball. You have video, audio, live stats, twitter and facebook options. Use them!


Carl said...

Hi Lena, I think your comment "Very Poor Coverage Today" was quite mild! Maybe it isn't just the various tournaments that are a problem in sharing game info & stats! It seems to me that a solid league like MAAC should have a standard philosophy in requiring their participating institutions to report all their competition results,including "all" athletic competitions, within a set time after completion. Give"em HELL! Carl

Lena said...

I live next door to two MAAC schools, so I can get to a lot of games, and can send texts to my own blog, but I can't get to all the games!Today I experimented with a live chat while 7 MAAC teams were playing, but the poor coverage forced me to shut it down early.

As I wrote, this little blog is getting 6000 visits a month meaning there is interest in MAAC softball, and college softball in general. My friends who write softball blogs feel the same as I do. I can imagine the howling if basketball coverage was as poor. We will howl too!