Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jessika-Jo Sandrini Sets Siena Record

This photo is Jessika-Jo during her Adna High years, but I really like it, and this is what MAAC batters will have to face the next three seasons.
With her win at St. Peter's Sunday, Jessika-Jo set the all-time Siena record for wins; she did that as a freshman. She has been instrumental in changing the face of Siena softball; she and Shannon Jones will make a formidable 1-2 punch for the next two seasons.
Jessika-Jo is the leading candidate for MAAC Rookie Of The Year, as she also batted .387 this season, including a .532 on base percentage.
I told you about her back in 2009; now I'll tell you that J-J is going to burn up the MAAC in coming seasons, and Siena will make the tournament next year!


Carl said...

Hi Lena, Liked your last "Siena" article. I agree, the MAAC will have a bit of Siena flavor for years to come...Course, I'm one-sided about this with JJ Sandrini being my grand-daughter and so proud of her production for the team this year as a freshman. Keep up the critical eye and calling out the, at times, lousy hometeam info production results! Hope you didn't get in trouble with the last blast at GT stoppage! Grampa "G"

Lena said...

Hi Carl,
Actually the Siena SID sent a gracious email apologizing for the broken coverage, so I pulled the post.

Siena had a good year, and they were tough losses, but as I wrote in January, they were probably a year away.They were much improved this season, lost some close MAAC games.

Expect Jessika-Jo to be named "All-MAAC" in a few days.

Lena said...

Forgot to mention that I think the MAAC Rookie Of The Year will be either Jessika-Jo or Fairfield's Lauren Liseth. Which is interesting because Lauren is from Washington state as well.

Anonymous said...

Lena: I love your coverage. But, I think it is wrong to re-write history and take down a post. These schools need to be held accountable. Hold them to it. Sienna was wrong to stop the gametracker before the end of the game. You were right.

Lena said...

He didn't ask me to take it down, but maybe you're right. Coverage has been bad this season all around even as the sport grows more popular.