Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kristin Sito Extends Softball Career In Europe

Softball — and not the Cretan ruin of Knossos or grandeur of ancient Rome — is why Sito is in Europe to begin with. During her recently completed senior season at Niagara, veteran coach Al Dirschberger told her about opportunities to play abroad.

“I just kept asking him, ‘Do you have the contacts? Is there somebody I can talk to to get this moving? I would really love to do that,’” Sito said via the miracle of Skype. “He ended up giving me the name of a guy from a Swedish team, and that guy gave me the name of a guy who has a website where players can post their profiles.”

So Sito and her Niagara roommate, second baseman Teresa Healy, posted their information online. They were contacted by several teams and Sito was picked up by the Wil Devils.

“I ended up in Switzerland and she ended up in Germany,” Sito said...

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