Saturday, September 10, 2011

Alyssa Maiese Will Wear The Red Shirt

Good news for the Iona Gaels...
Bad news for the rest of the MAAC.

Alyssa Maiese will be returning for a 5th season as a redshirt senior with defending Champion Iona. Obviously Alyssa has been healthy for her two seasons with the Gaels; however, she played in only six games during her sophomore season at Indiana (she transferred to Iona thereafter). Not knowing her situation, and not being able to discover anything through research (typical college softball reporting!), I'm assuming she suffered some sort of injury back in 2009.
She was listed as a senior last season, so I'm also assuming she applied for a medical hardship sometime this year.

At any rate, this is a big boost for Iona. Alyssa was the MAAC's home run champion in 2011; she was clearly the Gaels' primary threat in the batter's box, and was a first team All-MAAC selection. She also will provide the Gaels with a solid number two pitcher behind the great Sarah Jackson. It's still very early in this new season, but one would think that the road to the 2012 MAAC Championship runs through New Rochelle.

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Anonymous said...

Alyssa is the mother of a beautiful 22 month old daughter named Kirstin. Kirstin attends all of her mother's games and is Alyssa's biggest fan! You will probably see Kirstin running around the field this season cheering on her favorite team the IONA Gaels!