Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jackson And Maiese Sweep Siena

Cherish her Iona, you will not see her likes again!

Iona 2
Siena 0

Iona 1
Siena 0

The Iona Gaels swept Siena Sunday in New Rochelle, NY, dealing a serious blow to the Saints' chances at postseason play.

0 for 6.

That's pretty much the summary of this series between the Gaels and Saints. Iona's pitchers completely shut down the MAAC's leading hitter Shannon Jones. Alyssa Maiese struck her out in the seventh inning of game two when the contest was still in doubt to put an exclamation point on the sweep. Shannon Jones had six opportunities to alter these contests, but was handled each at bat by the conference's top two pitchers.

When Sarah Jackson retires her career in a few weeks, Iona College ought to name the softball field after her! The Gaels will look upon these last three seasons as the "Golden Years" of Iona softball. Sarah is so great, she's almost getting boring. Except for Jessika-Jo Sandrini, she mowed down the Saints, striking out a full dozen while scattering three hits, if you can even call it that. The amazing thing is that Sarah has not been at 100% this season. Siena never had a chance.

Fifth year senior Alyssa Maiese is more like a "1B" pitcher this season. She mowed down all the Saints as well, excepting Jessika-Jo Sandrini, and struck out ten. She didn't walk a batter, and "scattered" three hits. Siena didn't have a chance.

The Gaels managed to scratch out three runs for their star pitchers, which is enough for them. Siena got good efforts today from Amanda Filippazzo and Jessika-Jo Sandrini, but all of Iona's MAAC losses were shutouts. Speaking of Jessika-Jo, she was the only Saint that gave Iona trouble, hitting 3 for 4, and getting on base five times. She doubled in the seventh inning of game two, but no one could move her.

Iona improved to 11-3, and looks a cinch to qualify for the tournament. Siena dropped to 6-6, and may not be over the hump until next season.

BTW, I use this older photo of Sarah because it's like a statue that should be erected at the Rice Oval!


Anonymous said...

Just to make things fair,Jones was hit in the hand with a line drive in game two,and continued to battle.Hats off to Jackson she did a great job.But think your being unfair to one of the top hitters in the nation.

Anonymous said...

Shannon Jones is not the only player on the team. The girl can't hit a homerun every single at bat, as you suggest by saying she had the chance to change the game 6 times.

Anonymous said...

Jackson and Maiese together are ranked #11 by the NCAA in the country in lowest ERA in Division I. They are very good pitchers! Siena is a good hitting team that went up against a good pitching team. Not the end of the world! Siena will bounce back.

WNY Softball said...

That's a good point. You have a legendary senior in Sarah Jackson, and a fifth year senior in Alyssa Maiese. They won the battle, and it's what won them this doubleheader. The anemic Iona offense certainly didn't win it.

Anonymous said...

I think it is pretty clear from watching the season unfold that you have to have the total package (both pitching and hitting) to be a clear favorite. If one of those is lacking, we have seen what can happen. The best pitching team can lose and the best hitting team can lose.

Anonymous said...

This article seemed to be just the motivation the saints offense needed. Thanks.

WNY Softball said...


Anonymous said...

Everybody gets a turn on and off the MAAC Blog bandwagon!

I guess your back on! Congrats!