Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Great Saturday

A quick note to say that it was a tremendous day of MAAC Softball action on Saturday; one of the best ever. Sunday may even be better because this thing is not decided yet! This may be the closest MAAC race ever. Only Iona has clinched, but they have not clinched first place. The other five teams are still in the hunt, and the possible scenarios are too complicated to get into, and I'm tired anyway!
See you tomorrow. Good luck to all the teams.


Anonymous said...

In the case of a tie, how do they determine the winner?

WNY Softball said...

It can get complicated.
In a two way tie, the first tiebreaker is head to head. For instance, if Rider were to sweep Canisius today, they would both have a 9-7 record. Rider would win a two way tiebreaker. If Marist and Canisius tied however with a 10-6 record, seeing that they split their games, tiebreaker two would be used. They would compare records of their games against other teams, beginning with the first place team, and going down.
In a three way tie, the three teams are grouped together, and their records amongst each other are compared. Could get complicated!

WNY Softball said...

A three way tie example:
Let's say Canisius, Siena and Marist finish 10-6. Compare records amongst the three with the games they played against one another.
Canisius 3-1
Siena 2-2
Marist 1-3.