Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lauren Liseth Is Super Scary! Stags Sweep Niagara

The super scary Lauren Liseth saw her on base percentage soar!
Fairfield 3
Niagara 2 (8)

Fairfield 9
Niagara 6

The Fairfield Stags improved their conference record to 3-1 with a doubleheader sweep of the Niagara Purple Eagles Saturday in Fairfield, CT.

Personally I think MAAC coaches are overreacting to Lauren Liseth's hot start to the 2013 season. Niagara, like Iona last week, gave the Fairfield star a free pass in the final inning of game one only to see Lauren cross home plate with the winning run. As great a hitter as Lauren is, most of the times she won't get a hit, that's the odds. The odds are even greater against her for hitting a home run. Yet MAAC coaches think she's batting 1.000, with a homer every at bat. So Stags' coach Brzezinski has her in the leadoff spot so she can get a free runner to open the game. And sure enough Niagara walked Lauren in inning one of game one, and sure enough she scored. Free run. MAKE HER EARN IT!! In spite of that, it was a great game. The Stags jumped to a 2-0 lead when Lauren Filicia doubled home her sister Kristen in the fourth inning. But Niagara would tie it up at 2-2 in the fifth inning when Ambur Farmer scored on an error and Becky Zill hit a sacrifice fly for an RBI. Rae Ball and Niagara's Jen Sansano both pitched very well in this game, and it went to extras. In the bottom of the eighth, Lauren Liseth was given her free ride, and three singles later, Fairfield had the 3-2 win. Kristen Filicia had two hits for the Stags, as did Brittany Richberg for the Purple Eagles.

Niagara got off to a great start in game two, jumping in front 4-0. A Becky Zill RBI in the first inning; an Ambur Farmer RBI in the second inning; and a Becky Zill homer and a bases loaded walk to Connall Kelly in the third inning gave the Purple Eagles a seemingly comfortable lead. However, the Stags would put up seven runs in the bottom of the third inning, which would provide the margin of victory.  The inning began with, what else?...a walk to Lauren Liseth! Interesting enough, Fairfield would score all seven runs after two outs. If Lauren had a long fly out to center, they would have scored none. Anyway, the big hit was Nikki Osofsky's bases clearing three RBI double. The inning last so long that Fairfield batted around and Lauren Liseth made another plate appearance. You guessed it---walk. Lauren is just a big scary monster! That artificially extended the inning, and Fairfield scored what proved to be the wining run. But hey, they did throw Lauren out attempting to score! Nicole Capra and Sammy Ruffolo also had RBIs in the inning.

Poor Lauren Liseth doesn't get any official at bats any longer, but she did score twice. Kristen Filicia had another two hits in this game. For Niagara, Ambur Farmer was 2 for 4 with three RBIs. Becca Trott got the win, striking out eight in relief. Kim Bryson took the loss. Aside from all the walks to Lauren Liseth, Niagara played very well for having missed so many games due to weather.


Dustin said...

Not to detract from your article at all; but in our senior year of high school, Lauren got walked all season long after a solid showing in the preseason. In the final game of districts, in a loser-go-home game, Lauren finally got some pitches and went three for three with three home runs and two walks. She was one of two players to get hits in that game and her last walk ended up being the game winning run in extra innings (4-3 in something like eight or nine innings). Granted, the level of play is a quite a bit higher at the collegiate level, but the other team's pitcher did play D-1 for a season before transfering closer to home. While she's not always going to bat a thousand and turn every pitch into a bomb over the right field fence, it does happen.

Also, I said the same thing (that she's "so scary" when she told me about the games yesterday).

WNY Softball said...

You didn't detract, you added!
The article is a bit tongue in cheek. It's also selfish - I just want to see her hit! But I also find it fascinating when an individual player gets into a whole conference's head! It was the same with Teresa Healy a few years ago.

Dustin said...

I would love to see her get more pitches. For good or bad, we don't get to know unless she gets them. Plus she gets so frustrated when she's not allowed to play because of this. She got eight today though!

WNY Softball said...

Yes, and she had two 7th inning chances to alter the game. She was 1 for 2, sending game one to extra innings.

Anonymous said...

The strategy of numerous intentional walks is debatable, and I can see both sides. It pales in comparison with some of the other NU coaching decisions, which bordered on the bizarre. Richberg is their leading hitter, was 4 for 6 on the day, but when she comes up with bases loaded in inning 5 of game 2, they pinch hit for her! With a pinch hitter with very limited experience or success. And it looked like two of their top hitters, Wayne and Werth, were yanked out of the lineup at various times during the day for ?? - not hitting? Given the limited games this team has played, you would think any coach would have a touch more patience with her hitters. And last i checked, its not the players responsibility to ensure that adequate games are played to prep a team going into conference play.

Anonymous said...

I did notice that with the line-up. Thought it was very interesting. Your starters are your starters. Have a little faith and confidence? maybe patience? As you mentioned, with the limited games they've played, you have to give them a chance to warm up!! Mistakes will be made in a game, i'd say you have to have faith in your players that they will try their best to get the job done!