Friday, May 3, 2013

10 Is The Magic Number

Shannon Jones will attempt to lead Siena into the MAACs for the first time in a decade
The scenario for this weekend's final regular season MAAC games is simple if Iona and Siena both win two games. That would give each team 10 wins, and berths in the tournament (top four teams qualify). They would simply surpass both Niagara and Manhattan, who will be idle this weekend after completing their conference season with nine wins each. Fairfield and Marist have previously qualified. If Iona and/or Siena finish the season with nine wins, it gets a bit more complicated.

Here are the possible qualification scenarios (note-these are my own calculations, therefore unofficial):
Niagara gets in with either one Iona loss OR four Siena losses.
Manhattan gets in with one Iona loss AND at least three Siena losses.
Siena gets in with two wins OR one win and an Iona sweep of St. Peter's.
Iona gets in with two wins.

Please correct this if I am wrong in these scenarios!


Anonymous said...

Only typo i see is near the end where it says "Manhattan...#, it should read one Iona loss or three Siena losses I believe.

WNY Softball said...

Believe it or not, I actually proof read these posts, which is the thing I hate most about blogging! Thanks for pointing that out.