Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 MAAC Softball All-Stars*

*Not the official All-MAAC team, but as chosen by this blog


Rae Ball, Fairfield Stags


Lauren Liseth, Fairfield Stags

First Base

Paige Lloyd, Siena Saints

Second Base

Nicole Cheek, Marist Red Foxes


Shannon Jones, Siena Saints

Third Base

Dani Koltz, Marist Red Foxes


Kehli Washington, Rider Broncs

Aly Klemmer, Marist Red Foxes

Alyssa Lancaster, Siena Saints

Designated Player

Jessika-Jo Sandrini, Siena Saints

Honorable Mention

Jen Sansano
Emily Osterhaus
Becky Zill
Alyssa Zahka
Dana Sensi
Kristen Filicia
Alexis Wayne
Robin Kennery
Katie Bowen
Amanda Babcock
Meghan Cuda
Elena Bowman
Sarah Schutz
Amanda Werth
Lee Harrison
Mandy Ferro
Sammy Ruffolo

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just a comment and no disrespect to your outfield choices, but Alyssa Lancaster only played outfield a small percentage of the season, she spent time at first base as well, but most of the time she hit for the regular right fielder. The nods should go to the players who were out there full time, not someone with good stats you are trying to find a spot for. Outfielders get little enough recognition as it is. Alyssa had a great season, but should have been considered in the same light as Jessika Jo Sandrini.