Friday, May 10, 2013

Niagara Advances To Winners' Game With Win Over Siena

4 RBIs for Alexis Wayne

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Niagara has advanced to the winners' bracket game with a 6-3 win over Siena in the completion of a game that had been suspended yesterday due to darkness.

When play resumed this morning, Siena tied the game in the bottom of the sixth inning with a double by Shannon Jones, and an RBI single by Jessika-Jo Sandrini. But a pair of walks and an error doomed the Saints in the top of the seventh. The winning run was scored after a bases loaded walk; this was followed by Alexis Wayne's two RBI single. Jen Sansano picked up the win; Jessika-Jo Sandrini took the loss.

Niagara will next play Marist; Siena will face Fairfield after that game.


Scot Saggiomo said...

Congrats to Marist for winning the MAAC title.

Now it's time to name Larry Puzan the full time Head Coach of the Niagara Softball team! He & his staff took the team from the brink of elimination a few short weeks ago & guided them to the MAAC Champioship Tournament.

My daughter has 3 more years left to play at Niagara & I know that Coach Puzan has the players best interests in mind both on & off the field. He bleeds PURPLE & this team does not need another transition.

He has proven that the team can win under his guidance & at the same time enjoy playing softball.

I am so proud of this team & coaching staff & what they were able to accomplish at the end of this season!!!

Proud to be a Purple Eagle parent!!!

Go Purp!!!

Scot Saggiomo

WNY Softball said...

He would be an excellent choice, and I'm not speaking for him, and I don't know what's going to happen, but Coach Puzan is an athletic director at a local high school. I don't know that he would be able to take the full time position.

Anonymous said...

Coach Puzan wants to be the coach of the Niagara softball team & deserves to be the coach!

Maybe you should address what happened this season. I only hope you do a better job then the writer did that works for the Niagara Gazette.

His article is full of inaccuracies.

Here are a few:

Niagara was not coached by committee. Coach Puzan was the interim coach & led the team to a historic turn around!

He does not know how to spell the fired coaches first name correctly!

He states her record was impeccable. If you do a google search you will find out that the fired coach has a history of creating chaos & teams not wanting to play for her.

Niagara Softball Parent said...

In fairness to Niagara's current athletic director.... He did not hire the coach that was fired. It was the previous AD.

He did however act swiftly when he was made aware of all the issues the softball program was dealing with. As a parent I am thankful for that.

The players & parents are grateful that he acted in the best interests of the players & softball program.

That being said Niagara now must hire a full time coach & Larry Puzan should be that coach! He cares about the players & representing Niagara Univ. with class & integrity. As a parent I am thrilled with the way coach Puzan has turned a horrible situation into one of the most positive experiences my daughter has ever been a part of.

He is a man of great character who the players & parents feel lucky to have as our coach.

I do not have a twitter acct. but I & most of the parents would be grateful if you would post the positive things being said about coach Puzan on your twitter site.

We want to rally support for him so that Niagara does the best thing for their softball program and hires Larry Puzan. No coaching search is needed.....the best person for the job is the coach they have now!!!!

WNY Softball said...

Thanks for correcting me on the AD comment, which I have removed.

WNY Softball said...

I have a lot of respect for Doug Smith, and he does mention a fact---the University is acting like they're the CIA. I don't appreciate their website acting like Coach Chan, and what happened up there, never existed. At least someone in the media tried to get to the bottom of this.

WNY Softball said...

If Coach Puzan wants the job, he should get it. But I think it's below his pay grade. But Niagara going back to a rinky dink part time program should never happen.

Anonymous said...

I was glad to help with the AD info. Thanks for providing such a great site!

I want to say it again.....Hire Larry Puzan as the full time Niagara softball coach!! No search is needed!!

WNY Softball said...

I can't post a comment like that "Niagara Parent". But I would appreciate if you wrote my email, which is in my profile on the front page. There you could give me details, in strict confidence of course. But I can't post comments concerning peoples' futures, I'm sure you understand! I learned a long time ago I have to be careful what I write, or allow to be posted.

Niagara Parent said...

FYI... You asked me earlier to email you some details. I would rather send some info. to you through this site. The info. below was sent by other parents to Doug Smith in an email in response to his article..

I will add some things after their email.....

As the parents of a graduating senior of the NU class of ’13 who was also a member of the school’s softball team, we feel we must respond to your article that appeared in the Niagara Gazette on Monday May 13, 2013.

You state in your article that the suspension of Hanover-Chan was not fair. Did you know she also “resigned for personal reasons” from two other schools before she was hired at NU? We found this out by simply Googling her. Were you aware she was making homophobic comments to girls on the team? Were you aware there were several compliance issues/money issues she is being investigated for? Were you aware she was not present at SEVERAL practices, team dinners, sat alone on bus trips, airplane trips and the like? Were you aware she was making comments about different girls weight issues and the fact one girl was going to counseling and CONFIDED in her coach, only to have her share this information with other girls on the team?

That she played Division I softball (for only 2 years) for Canisius or that her batting average was over .400 is not relevant here. What is relevant and most evident is that Hanover-Chan was not then, and never will be a role model or mentor for a Division I Sports Program or even a 10-under house team for that matter. To behave as she did, to act so classless and so immature to this team is a life lesson these girls had to learn the hard way. We can honestly say the way the three Senior Captains handled themselves, with the guidance of Larry Puzan as the interim coach, along with his assistants during Hanover-Chan’s suspension, was a life lesson for us! They handled the situation with leadership, class and grace and I hope Hanover-Chan was observing them. She would have learned a life lesson of her own and not at the expense of a great group of talented, smart, competitive Division I student athletes.

I will add a few things:

While in Florida my wife & I stayed at the same complex as the softball team for 5 nights. The coach at that time Ellie Hanover-Chan was not there for 4 of those nights. This is a fact I was there & witnessed this.

While in FL the players were left to fend for themselves. Chan had no idea if the players had food for breakfast etc..... remember she was not there! My wife & I went shopping & bought the girls food so they could eat.

The three asst. coaches & there spouses also looked after the players & took money out of their pockets to to make sure that the girls had what they needed.

Chan would preach to the players to eat healthy & then would take them to McDonald's for their meal on road trips. Wait it gets better.... she told them they had a $4.99 spending limit.

When on the bus trip to Fairfield the players asked Chan if they could lower the volume on the TV's so they could study. She said... NO... I am watching the movie.

On at least 3 different ocassions I heard her drop the F bomb on players in the dugout.

The players were forbidden to talk to their parents between games.

In FL one of the players thanked the parents who had provided a meal between games for the players, coaches & parents. Chan saw her do this & in plain view & with many people watching told her to get in the dugout & take her uniform off! She was devistated. The other players ran into the dugout & told her not to take her uniform off.

I will cont. this message in another comment

Niagara parent said...

At least 2-3 times a week Chan would tell the team that she can't wait for her recruits to get there because things will be different when they arrive. Remember... she is saying this to girls who were stars on their H.S. & travel teams & were highly recruited themselves. But they were not "Her Players"

Players were routinely told their scholarships were in jeopardy.

She made players hug her & tell her that they loved her during private meetings in her office.

By the way.... she was rarely in her office or on campus. She was a full time coach???

She had a player open her mail & sort it for her.

She sent many emails to the players telling them how selfish, irresponsible,immature & disrespectful they were.

In the last email she sent the players she stated that since they were not capable of performing together on the field she was turning her focus to the 2014 season.

A funny thing happened after she was suspended..... This group of worthless players qualified to compete in the MAAC tournament.

These are just some of the things I personally witnessed or was informed about by my daughter. There are other stories & things that happened but I did not want to touch on them if I was not there or did not have first hand knowledge of it. I have no reason to make these things up.

Is your head spinning yet?

Props to these players for persevering through that situation. The 3 asst. coaches were also a saving grace for the players.

God Bless Larry Puzan, Joel Patterson & Felicia Kinney!

Niagara parent said...

I realize that you will not post the message I sent you. I just wanted to give you some insight into the nightmare the players had to endure.

In my wildest dreams I could not make that stuff up!!

WNY Softball said...

Went to bed early last night, which was a good thing because these comments probably would have kept me up all night.

Out of respect to Marist, I won't write about this until their season is done.

Anonymous said...

So unfortunate this happened to NU. What was this coach thinking!!!

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it the Chan has retired from coaching! thought she was fired.

WNY Softball said...

Nobody gets fired in college softball. They all "resign".