Friday, May 17, 2013

Red Foxes Fall To #1 Oklahoma

#1 Oklahoma 17
Marist 0 (5)

The Marist Red Foxes lost their opening game at the Norman, OK Regional to the number one team in the country Friday night.

Not much to say about this one from the Marist point of view. The Red Foxes were overwhelmed right from the beginning, as the Sooners put up eight runs in the first inning and never looked back. Oklahoma learned a hard lesson four years ago when they were upset on their home field by North Dakota State, and did not stop pressing in this tournament game. They finished with 13 hits; Lauren Chamberlin led the way with five RBIs. Kyrsten Van Natta had the Red Foxes' only hit of the game.

Marist will have a good shot at winning their first ever NCAA Tournament game when they face the Fordham Rams Saturday at 4:30 pm EDT in Norman. Oklahoma. The loser of that game will be eliminated from the tournament.


Anonymous said...

I watched the game last night on ESPN 3, and had to endure the two insensitive commentators who could not seem to find the right words to describe the game and also found it amusing that a MAAC team would even show up for the contest. Congratulations to the Marist team for holding their heads high during the game.
The larger point is not weather Oklahoma has better players than any other east coast team. It is a well chronicled fact that there is very good competition west of the Mississippi. This is why all of the east coast teams go either South, or West to tune up during pre season. This is why good travel programs do the same.
You have to ask yourself, “why is the level of skill so high?” Pretty much all D1 athletes have traveled the same path to play in a Division 1 program weather ranked number 1 or 300th. So, better results on the field must come from a combination of the program, 365 days of sunshine, and the amount “dirt” time during the year. Many of the MAAC programs saw their first “dirt” time when they left for their first road trip this season.
Many of the conference winners from the East are private schools, with not nearly the resources of the public school powerhouses. The focus is not the same either. Most of the East coast girls are not majoring in softball. Would anyone challenge the academic difference between Arkansas and Fordham? For that matter, any of The MACC schools…What about Hofstra, who seems to have a good balance, and figured it out?
But wait there is more. In a recent article in the USA today regarding the government funding athletic programs for public schools provides additional insight as to the differences both on and off the field. The article also questions, “Is it worth it?”
Most NCAA Division I athletic departments take subsidies
Steve Berkowitz, Jodi Upton and Erik Brady, USA TODAY Sports9:21 p.m. EDT May 7, 2013
Of the public schools that are eligible for government funding and operating in the black relative to their athletic programs, there are only a handful that do not accept government funding and operate on their own P&L to cover their expenses. The rest earn enough to cover their expenses and yet take government funding…. Get this; some schools cite operating in the red as a result of title 9.
Government funding clearly, not an option for the private school sector…..We have been fundraising since U10 and have not stopped at the D1 level.
Given the same advantages, East coast kids would be just as competitive, or if the shoe was on the other foot….softball in 33 degrees?

Anonymous said...

The fact is, Northern teams will always be at a disadvantage with the diamond sports, simply because of the weather. You will always wind up playing three quarters of your season on the road. It's a built-in disadvantage, and nothing short of the NCAA shifting the entire season back a couple of months is really ever going to change it.

As for Hofstra, it will be interesting to see what happens to them once Olivia Galati moves on. Watching her this weekend, she really is basically a one woman team, all by herself. If she were playing for an SEC/Pac-12/Big-12 team, her career numbers would be absolutely off the charts.

WNY Softball said...

Olivia grew up a couple miles from the Hofstra campus, and went to their games dreaming of playing for them some day. She sure did! As for her team, they clobbered Missouri 10-0 in the first game today. Hofstra is always very competitive, they have a great coach. NCAA softball needs more Hofstras. Watching the same dozen teams in the World Series year after year is...boring.

WNY Softball said...

BTW, if Olivia had played in those conferences you mention, wouldn't her stats be lesser because she'd be pitching vs. those powerful teams multiple times a year? Instead of Delaware?

Anonymous said...

It's too bad Hofstra couldn't finish the deal against Missouri. The Tigers are ripe to be upset by somebody. Their #2 pitcher quit the team in mid-season, so all they have behind Chelsea Thomas is a pair of freshman and a converted position player. If they ever get into a situation where Thomas isn't in her groove, or if they have to play 2 games in one day, watch out.