Sunday, May 19, 2013

Thanks For Reading!

...and another MAAC softball season comes to an end. It was an interesting one, filled with ups and downs. And a brand new champion. I get to repeat what I wrote one year ago. That is you broke all readership records again! And, as I wrote one year ago, Niagara will be looking for a new coach. That won't be the only change for next season. The map above will expand to include Monmouth and Quinnipiac! This will officially occur on July 1, but from this point onward these two teams will be included on this blog as full members. Next season the MAAC schedule will include 20 conference games, and, as of this writing, still only four teams will qualify for the  tournament. Which should make conference play even more intense than it was this past season.

Although the posting here will decrease, I will still keep the blog updated with any news concerning the MAAC. This summer I will run stories on the incoming freshmen; it looks like a real good class of players coming aboard.

Finally, a big thanks to all the players, for whom this blog is written!

Departing Seniors:

Amanda Baun
Chloe Contreras
Katie Medina
Stephanie Pfentner

Macy Cutshaw
Tiffany Lawson
Emily Orr

Cari Anderson
Beth Kann
Jodi Petersen

Amanda Babcock
Anna Gallacher
Jen Keller
Heather Leone
Meghan McDevitt
Kelsi Redding
Jocelin Whitmore

Sarah Carmody
Danielle Koltz
Christina Lausch
Emily Osterhaus
Joelle Zahka

Gabrielle Lustrinelli
Alexis Wayne
Becky Zill

Heather Muscara
Alyssa Paul
Sam Pugh

Saint Peter's
Shelby Beaver
Alexis Gallagher
Sierra Parker

Amanda Ferro
Shannon Jones


Anonymous said...

With 11 teams in the conference, the tournament has to be expanded, doesn't it? Maybe expand to 6 teams and give the top 2 1st round byes, if they don't want to expand it out to the full field of 8. 11 teams in the conference, and only 4 making it, wow, that would be rough. The margin for error would be practically non-existent.

WNY Softball said...

I asked the MAAC about this during the tournament, and they told me 4 teams. But they did leave the door open for talking about possible format changes, amongst the members, before next season begins. I agree with you that there should be more teams in the field.

Anonymous said...

The conference tournament should definitlely be expanded to 6 teams. If you want to add teams the tournament must be expanded. look what Niagara did this year getting in on the last day.