Monday, December 23, 2013

MAAC Softball Tournament To Expand!

Breaking news from the MAAC...

The MAAC announced today that they will be expanding the conference's softball championship tournament to six teams and four days, effective this season.

The 2014 MAAC Softball Championship format has been expanded (to) a six team format over four days of competition with the first day of competition beginning on Wednesday, May 7. The championship will be held at Alumni Softball Field on the campus of Fairfield University from May 7 – 10 with the Sunday, May 11 as the rain day. The Committee on Athletic Administration plans to review the bracket for the six team format to provide the best experience for the student athletes participating.

With the conference having expanded for this season this is a great idea, and will make the regular season much more exciting.

MAAC announcement

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Anonymous said...

We tend to be critical at times of the MAAC Conference's decisions/thinking.
So I believe it's only fair to say...... Thank you to the MAAC Conference for listening & expanding the softball tournament! After adding 2 teams to the conference the decision makers have shown true leadership with this announcement.
This will definitely make every conference game mean much more. With 6 teams in the playoffs the atmosphere at the tournament will be electric!
Thanks again to the MAAC nailed this one!!