Thursday, February 13, 2014

Weather Report

People in the south can't deal with old man winter
The weather report for the MAAC is not fact all games for this weekend have been cancelled. Manhattan was set to play in Durham, North Carolina at N. Carolina Central's tournament, but as you can see in the above photo, it is quite a mess down there. Quinnipiac had better climes to go to, the N. Florida tournament, but they simply could not get out of snow bound Connecticut in time to participate.

Weather in the eastern USA is supposed to be much better next weekend.


Anonymous said...

Anxious to see the Niagara Softball preview. Will it be coming soon? The coaches picked the Purple Eagles 8th in the conference. That will work in their favor. A team with a cause can be a dangerous team. Look what happened last year.
Go Purp!

Anonymous said...

I the NUSB preview coming soon? :)

WNY Softball said...

In a matter of minutes actually.

Anonymous said...

LOL Thanks!