Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ally Stoltzmann Faces Long Recovery

Monmouth Hawk pitcher Ally Stoltzmann was jogging after softball practice on December 3 shortly after practice when she was struck by a car, and is now recovering after awakening from an induced coma:

Ally is a beautiful, sweet spirited, giving 21 year old, Jr attending Monmouth University.  She was suddenly struck by a car while jogging home from softball practice on Thursday, December 3, 2015.   Ally sustained very serious injuries and is currently in a drug induced coma at Jersey Shore University Medical Center.  As a result, Ally has endured traumatic brain injuries to both frontal lobes, fractured the back of her skull, sinus cavity, cheek bones, ribs, and has some internal bleeding on her brain. 

Ally is from Gilbert, Arizona, and had transferred to Monmouth in time to play with the Hawks in the 2016 season.
But this unfortunate accident will result in months of recovery and rehabilitation. To help her family offset the cost, please visit this page:

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Chad Stoltzmann said...

Alex is the strongest person I ever met. When she was a little girl she said she wanted to be the President. Nothing will stop her. Keep your head up sweatheart. Dad